This Moodle has been setup to function with the Missoula County Public Schools users.  All students and faculty of MCPS may logon to the Moodle using their district account logon name and password.

Missoula County Public Schools continues the process of developing online coursework for students and staff via the orignial MCPS Moodle site and this secondary Moodle site. This site, as well as the available coursework, is still very much under development and subject to change. Please review the content now available and check back later to view the development of the site and available content.

Access to portions of the Moodle are restricted to registered users. Use the Login link in the upper right of the page to register if you are a new user or to log on and view courses if you are already registered. New registrations are subject to verification and may not be immediately available for full access. Some coursework is available to the public and you are free to view those classes at any time.

Missoula County Public Schools (MCPS) is responsible for the content of this Moodle and all postings contained herein. MCPS retains the right to remove any postings it deems inappropriate in keeping with the educational intent of this website and policies of the Board of Trustees. Removal of content does not require consent of the individual submitting the content.